Points Reduction

Point Reduction Plan on Traffic Offense


The State Court of Bulloch County maintains a policy for persons seeking point reductions on traffic tickets for the charge of speeding. To be eligible for a points reduction, the following conditions must be met:


  1. The driver/defendant must have a clean driving record for a period of three years prior to the charged speeding offense (the Defendant must appear at arraignment to provide testimony under oath of a clean record or provide a current driver’s history):
  2. The driver/defendant must complete a Defensive Driving School certified in the state where you attend within a month of Defendant’s first court appearance. (This does not have to be a Bulloch County School. We will accept a certificate from any Defensive Driving School. HOWEVER, WEB-BASED OR ON-LINE COURSES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.)
  3. The speed must not be excessive (for instance, drivers charged with driving 100 mph + need not apply);
  4. The fine for the offense must be paid.


If you are eligible for point reduction program, you need to submit a written request on forms provided at the Bulloch County Traffic Bureau, Bulloch County Courthouse, 2 North Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia, on the day of your Arraignment. The request will include verification that you have not had another violation in the previous three (3) years. If you are eligible, you may also ask the Judge about participation on your court date.