1. May I talk to the Judge by telephone or in his office before Court about my case?

No. Under state law and the Judicial Code of Conduct, the judge cannot discuss the facts of a case with any party or witness unless all of the parties are present and/or represented by their lawyers. Thus, as a general rule, the judge cannot discuss your case with you or a witness outside of the courtroom unless the other side of the case or their lawyer is also involved in the discussion. This rule is also designed to protect you from someone who may be your adversary talking with the judge without you knowing what is discussed.


2. What if I am a witness who received a subpoena to come to court and someone tells me I do not need to appear?

Do not rely on anyone other than the court or an attorney to inform you that you are released from your subpoena. If you are a witness and have received a subpoena, the court has ordered you to appear and only the court has the power to release from the subpoena. There are penalties under the law for your failure to appear in Court. If you are witness for the Solicitor General, you may check on the web or call (912) 489-6622 the night before your appearance date to make sure your testimony is still needed. If you have been subpoenaed by a lawyer, you must check with the lawyer about your appearance. If you have questions, you may call the Court Administrator at (912) 764-8605.


3. If I want to pay a traffic ticket before Court, can I do this and who do I talk to?

Some traffic tickets, such as speeding tickets, may be paid before Court. These tickets can be paid at the Clerk’s Office in the Judicial Annex at 20 Siebald Street, Statesboro, Georgia. The telephone number is (912) 764-0489. If the offense with which you are charged is not on the fine schedule, you must appear before the judge at the date and time on your traffic citation. Citations may now be paid by credit card at www.payyourtix.com/bulloch. Also click on “Fine Reduction” on this website for other information.


4. How do I get a copy of a record of something that happened in the State Court in the past?

The Clerk of Court is the official keeper of the records of Bulloch State Court. The Clerk’s Office is located in the Bulloch County Judicial Annex, 20 Siebald Street, Statesboro, Georgia. The Clerk’s telephone number is (912) 764-9009.


5. Can I get the points reduced on my speeding charge?

If you have a three-year clean driving record and you are willing to attend a defensive driving short course, you can have the points reduced on your driving record by paying the fine and providing a copy of the completion certificate from the driving school. You can find the driving schools in the yellow pages of your phone book. These schools are certified to teach a nationwide approved curriculum, and you can attend the school wherever you live in any state. We do not accept certificates from on-line schools. Also, click on “Point Reduction” on this website for other information.


6. What if I want a lawyer and cannot afford a lawyer?

If you are charged with a criminal offense in which your liberty is at jeopardy (meaning that jail time is a possible part of a sentence if convicted), you may be eligible for an attorney paid by Bulloch County. When you appear at your arraignment court date (which for most Defendants will be their first appearance in court), you will be given an opportunity to fill out an application for a Public Defender, or county paid lawyer. To be eligible for a public defender, your income and economic situation must be at or below the minimum allowed by state law. Public Defender services in the Bulloch County State Court are provided by the Ogeechee Circuit Public Defender’s Office, whose office is located at 24 North Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia and the telephone number is (912) 764-6292.


7. I got a notice that my license is suspended for an unpaid ticket, What do I do?

Contact the Clerk’s Office Citation Department at (912) 764-0489. They will tell you how to pay off the old ticket and get a release form to send to the Department of Driver’s Services to get the hold on and suspension of your license removed.


8. Can I get a continuance of my court date?

There are two reasons for which the judge will continue a case on an emergency basis:

  • a death in the e family, and we will need to get the name and telephone number of the funeral home and the name of the deceased and your relationship so this can be verified;
  • a medical emergency, and we will need your doctor or hospital representative to fax a letter stating the nature of the medical situation and that makes it impossible for you to attend court. The medical letter needs to be faxed to (912) 489-1730 and must have a return telephone number and name of the doctor so we can telephone and verify the medical situation.

Otherwise, court appearances are more important than work, school, and or vacations in that the consequences of not appearing or appearing unprepared by be your being placed in jail. Any other request for a postponement or continuance must be in writing and filed by your attorney as a Motion for Continuance in accordance with Georgia statutory procedure and the Uniform Court Rules. A continuance must be approved by the judge.