Welcome to Bulloch County State Court

The State Court of Bulloch County is located in the historic Bulloch County Courthouse in Statesboro, Georgia.  Bulloch State Court has served the citizens of Bulloch County and Georgia since it was created by the Georgia General Assembly on August 10, 1903.

The State Court’s jurisdiction includes the following cases which occur in Bulloch County:

  1. Misdemeanor criminal offenses (offenses punishable by up to 12 months in jail and $1,000.00, or $5,000.00 if an aggravated misdemeanor);
  2. Civil law suits or disputes seeking money damages with no limit on amount in controversy.
  3. Traffic offenses within the unincorporated portions of Bulloch County or traffic cases in municipalities in which a jury trial demand is filed; Issuance of arrest and search warrants.
  4. Appeals filed on cases heard in Bulloch Magistrate Court, as well as cases in Magistrate Court in which a jury demand is filed.

Judge Gary Mikell has served as judge of the Court since 2001.  Joseph Cushner has served as Solicitor-General of the Court since 2017.  The Court Administrator is Annette Crosby.  The Administrative Assistant to the Solicitor-General is Heather Rogers. Heather McNeal is the Clerk of the State Court of Bulloch County.